China Refrigeration and air conditioning industry association automotive air conditioning working committee produced a new team



Qian Yonggui was elected director Ye Weifeng as deputy director

Recently, the automobile air-conditioning Working Committee of the China Refrigeration and air conditioning industry association held a new election conference in Nanjing, which produced a new leading group. Qian Yonggui, the general manager of Nanjing Olympic investment and Refrigeration Co., Ltd., was elected the director. Our automobile air conditioner parts industry association was elected vice chairman, vice chairman, chairman of the association and Ye Weifeng, chairman of Zhejiang innovation Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. Ye Xueming, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee of the CPC and deputy mayor of the Municipal Committee of the CPC, attended the conference and spoke.

Chinese refrigeration and air conditioning industry association in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning manufacturing enterprises China mainly, have a career in scientific research, design, and other units and organizations in Colleges and universities, is the representation and maintenance of refrigeration and air conditioning industry common interests and the legitimate rights and interests of members of the nonprofit National industry organizations, under the air conditioner (machine), refrigeration fittings, casting, HVAC system air conditioning equipment, refrigeration equipment, refrigeration equipment, automobile air-conditioning professional committee. There are more than 200 members of the automobile air conditioning working committee, which is the Third Congress of the membership.

At the general election meeting of the automotive air conditioning working committee, Longquan automobile air conditioner parts industry further started the brand. The association was selected as deputy director unit. Two business executives were elected as directors and deputy directors respectively, and 26 automobile air conditioning parts enterprises joined. Especially the investment company general manager of Nanjing aotejia refrigerator Co., Qian Yonggui, seems to have become a leader, in addition to smoothly by the member elected as the director of the national standard, the air conditioning compressor new small displacement scroll car which he is responsible for drafting, also approved by the national standardization management committee.

Ye Weifeng said that the working committee of automotive air conditioning part function is to establish the national standards for the industry of new products, and guide enterprises to implement the upgrading of products, 26 enterprises in Longquan's participation will undoubtedly can strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the industry, understand the industry technology and market information more.

After the meeting, the head of Longquan and the head of the enterprise also inspected the Nanjing oojia cold machine Co., Ltd. and other enterprises.