The motive force of sustainable development of scientific and technological innovation enterprises



Beginning in 2006, under the bridge of municipal government, municipal science and Technology Bureau, industrial park and other departments, Zhejiang innovation automotive air conditioning Limited by Share Ltd and Zhejiang University began comprehensive scientific and technological cooperation. In 2008, the new factory of innovation company, which was located in the return project, went into operation smoothly and invested about 5000000 yuan a year for scientific research. With the strong support of Zhejiang University Technology, the automation level of the manufacturing equipment of the innovation company has been continuously improved, and the R & D capability and product technology content of the company have taken a qualitative leap, and the market competitiveness has been significantly enhanced.

At the beginning of this year, the company acquired 3 U.S. innovation at the auto parts company, not only in our capital city overseas operation wrote a thick and heavy in colours to gain, a space for one person in the world's largest car manufacturing and sales center -- the United states. It is understood that in 2010, the product of innovation company will reach 120 million yuan, up 40% over the previous year.