Interview with Ye Weifeng, general manager of Zhejiang Chuagnxin Auto Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.



The afternoon of July 27th, the reporter interviewed the director of Zhejiang province leading enterprises in Longquan Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, met the vice mayor Wang Zhengfei in charge of quality work in the enterprise guidance, deputy mayor Wang affectionately said: "your leaf total," automotive air conditioning ", it is not only famous in Longquan, it is our national brand at present, forging going?" Ye Weifeng grasped the hand of vice mayor Wang cheerfully. He said, "report leaders, this year, we worked together to improve our quality and quality. We intensified our efforts in cultural propaganda and cultural marketing, and achieved good results. Especially recently, along with the world economic recovery trend, innovation of automotive air conditioning has shown momentum of the king."

What is the strength of a 10 year enterprise to develop into an industry brand and constantly create a miracle after another?

Let "Chuangxin" keep youth

Zhejiang Chuangxin Auto Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. is an export-oriented private enterprise. It built a factory in 2002, with a total investment of 70 million yuan, covering an area of 60 acres. It is a company specializing in the production and sale of automobile air conditioner condenser and evaporator. In 2011, export sales of $2 million, in the expansion of the export market development at the same time, also led to the development of Longquan enterprises, improve the visibility of Longquan automotive air conditioning industry gathered "quality and brand in the overseas, let more overseas customers understand the Longquan manufacturing and manufacturing quality and brand innovation.

Zhejiang Chuangxin Auto Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. since its own factory, has invested about 10000000 US dollars abroad to promote the market. Regional mature in some markets, such as European and American countries and regions, they through mergers and acquisitions and business enterprise brand to promote the brand Chinese manufacturing; in some emerging markets, such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions, they set up factories to brand franchise outlets to promote the brand and quality Chinese manufacturing brands "excellence". As of May this year, Zhejiang innovative automotive air conditioning Co., in the United States acquired the "Friette" brand automobile air-conditioning sales, in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Jakarta, Thailand, opened 7 "excellence" brand factory franchise outlets, to promote China manufacturing brand. Ye general manager said with emotion, "from my personal experience, our small private enterprises, using mergers and acquisitions or buying and selling overseas trademarks, and directly opening factory brand franchise stores abroad, are effective ways to popularize Chinese manufacturing quality overseas."

About automotive air conditioning, Ye Weifeng familiar. He said that in the hot summer, when parking or waiting on the roadside, the car will become a closed small space. If the air conditioner is turned on, the driver can still own a cool little space under the big sun. In such a cool environment, it will feel better if you take a nap and take a rest in the car. In fact, such a practice is not only bad for the body, but also very dangerous. When the engine is working, a high concentration of carbon monoxide will be produced if the combustion of gasoline in the cylinder is incomplete. The concentration of carbon monoxide in the car is very low because of the convection of the air through the air conditioning equipment when the car is driving. But once the car stop and the air conditioner to open car doors and windows closed, and when the air inside the car can not convection, engine exhaust carbon monoxide if leakage into the car, will gradually accumulate and make its concentration increased, resulting in severe poisoning, there will be danger.

At the same time, stop when air conditioning is also harmful to the car, because the car on fire, in the open air for a long time, will increase the fan load, the heat accumulated slowly, is not conducive to the effective heat, causing the engine temperature and foresight, worries. As an independent brand enterprise managers, and foresight worries always linger in the mind of Ye Weifeng.

In addition to its own brand has the brand value of the low long-term problems, in terms of sales, after the first two years of foreign market weakness, Zhejiang innovative automotive air conditioning sales sharp decline. According to the statistics of the China Association for manufacturing industry, auto air conditioning sales fell 30.82% year on year in the first quarter of this year. In the last two years, the overseas market of Zhejiang's innovative automobile air conditioning is due to the bumpy road of collision and brand. And follow up product follow up speed is slow also for Zhejiang innovation car air conditioning development worry.

Ye Weifeng told reporters that the core competence is a permanent solution to the development of independent brands. In the long run, the independent brand has been under great pressure in how to do well in brand, to strengthen the competitiveness and to make the scale of the enterprise bigger. He said, "at present, both domestic and international markets have made me anxious. So we have to divide the people into two lines, one for the long term, one in front of the eyes.

Faced with these problems, Ye Weifeng's solution is from the position of the jump adjustment executives, and hurt the car.

Both long and short term and worries

As the saying goes, people do not start to "let people who have experience in the overseas market." "While the domestic market is" Kung Fu in sales ", only one can solve these problems there got."

The reason for high variation, Ye Weifeng is one of the technical aspects of the professional experience based on, they have become the business of production with professional people.

Obviously, the senior general has become the core of Ye Weifeng's strategic layout.

The world of independent brands

"The students surpass the teacher. Thatcher!" This is the key word that Ye Weifeng, the general manager of Zhejiang innovation Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., stressed most in the interview. Vehicle safety is the human society live and development, indispensable eternal theme, is the most important prerequisite and basic human life. "Only to improve the quality, to ensure security," Ye Wei Feng said solemnly.

Ye Weifeng thought: "the car and the world is the life of the people, social stability, the lifeblood of economic development" is very appropriate, not too much. The workers do not drive at work, and the farmers will be able to send fertilizer to their fields. In particular, with the development of the national economy, the future transportation needs to be further developed and should be in line with the international standards. No matter what kind of business, do not put the interests of the masses in the supreme position, producing and selling fake products, sold, or with false propaganda to deceive consumers, sooner or later by the vast number of consumers in the process of growing up the progress of the social process and rational consumer awareness promotion, have been eliminated.

It is very important for a manufacturing industry to improve the quality and safeguard the safety of a manufacturing industry. Thus, a more sober understanding of the production and marketing of the manufacturing industry should be synchronized with ensuring its social value and the expectations of the consumer.

Ye Weifeng said, "let's keep all the employees in mind that the famous brand should be worthy of the marketing concept of" the source of products, the roots of quality, and the roots of culture ". Two, we must always adhere to the stringent requirements and pursuits for product quality and safety. After unremitting efforts, the automobile air conditioning will go to the world market, making the famous brand famous in the world famous. To make air conditioning, there must be a stunning skill. We always put Xi Runchang, a famous economist of the whole country, who put forward the idea that "people must get their essence, they must get the truth, they must get their cleanliness." the four secrets are "motto" and develop into manufacturing technology on this basis.

Inheritance of national classic context

Longquan culture is an indispensable part of Chinese civilization. As a distinct traditional culture, it is well integrated into the great system of Chinese civilization, and is flourish with Chinese civilization. If the history, brand, image, spirit and idea of innovation are like scattered pearls, Longquan culture is like a silk thread, wearing them together and wearing a beautiful handicraft. Throughout the history of all successful enterprises in China and foreign countries, all enterprises with strong vitality and extraordinary growth are far ahead of the culture.

Ye Weifeng said that to carry forward the national spirit and inherit the national culture is to protect, inherit and carry forward the culture of Chinese culture. It is unshirkable for the Chinese manufacturing industry to protect and inherit the context of the Chinese nation. It is unshirkable for Zhejiang to innovate. The international famous automobile air conditioning brand promoted to be a good faith is the brand vision of Zhejiang innovator and the goal of striving for it.

Ye Weifeng thinks, only can stand the market and the rational consumer inspection is the real brand, is the real reassurance product. And the innovative spirit of the car air conditioning, is such a brand and famous brand. We are developing for counterfeiting Fanjia scientific methods, in order to solve each piece from the root of the problem can be traced. We believe that Zhejiang's innovation is based on integrity culture, to ensure quality as the foundation and integrity business as integrity, and brand will create the brilliance of China's manufacturing again.

When it comes to this, Ye Weifeng is thoughtful. Looking back on the rain and wind, his face floated a little gratification.

"Innovation" is precisely in the belief that "national brand" must affect the nation and the world at the same time, with the innovative air conditioning staff, we must stick to every step and step by step, so that we can innovate the automobile air conditioner and go out of the country and go to the world.