Innovation leads the high-quality development of the automotive air conditioning industry



Speaking of Lishui Longquan, what do you think? Longquan sword or celadon capital? As a famous sword and porcelain city with a long history and splendid culture, Longquan has long been famous. Traditional industries are the foundation, while emerging industries are opportunities. Automobile air conditioning accessories industry is the pillar industry with the fastest development and the greatest potential in Longquan industrial economy. It is said that only when the government takes the lead, can enterprises perform well.

Longquan is a famous historical and cultural city in Zhejiang Province, with beautiful scenery and rich products. It is a famous celadon city and a land of swords. As a local advantageous industry and pillar industry, the automotive air conditioning accessories industry is showing its light with its unique advantages.

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Longquan automobile air conditioning parts industry cluster is the largest automobile air conditioning parts manufacturing base in China, and also the automobile air conditioning parts manufacturing base awarded by China Automobile Association. At present, there are more than 200 production enterprises in the industry, and the products cover more than 1000 series and more than 10000 varieties of automobile air conditioning assemblies. It has developed into a highly competitive, distinctive, numerous enterprises, complete products, loud brands, sound marketing network at home and abroad Regional massive economy with strong factor support.

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Secretary General of automotive air conditioning Committee of China Automotive Industry Association

In the past, the automotive air conditioning industry in our country has followed the large foreign companies, including the entire automotive parts enterprises. From following to introducing, digesting and absorbing, it is now gradually moving to its own innovation level. Now Longquan automotive parts, especially automotive air conditioning parts, many enterprises and their products have reached the front of the world. The scale of local enterprises is very large, and they have become the distribution center of our domestic automotive air conditioning industry. There are many enterprises, and the level of each family is also very good, which has greatly enriched our automotive air conditioning from OEM to after-sales market. This product line covers a very wide range, which is very shocking to me.

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Li Peng, director of the comprehensive performance test room of Zhejiang automotive air conditioning product quality inspection center, highlighted the most valuable set of equipment in the laboratory. It is the final integration of a new experimental platform for real vehicle experiments. The ambient temperature here. At least it can be controlled to 30 degrees below zero, and then some real vehicle system experiments required by some new energy vehicles in the current market can be completed on this system platform.

Li Peng said that because new energy vehicles are a trend at present, it is also a huge opportunity for Longquan's automotive air conditioning industry. He also hoped that Longquan's automotive air conditioning industry could have a leap forward development with the help of the great development of new energy vehicles. At present, some well-known customers in China, including BYD, Geely, SAIC, FAW and other key customers, including Tianjin's China Automobile Research Institute, are also cooperative, so the service content and service object are all much higher than before.

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Singing needs a platform, and the development of industry also needs a platform. This "good play" was tailored by Longquan municipal government after understanding the common needs of local enterprise development. Since the creation of Zhejiang Longquan automotive air conditioning industry innovation service complex in 2018, the role of innovation has been supported.

Taking the test center as an example, the test report is a powerful tool for enterprises to broaden the market. Over the years, due to the lack of relevant qualified test reports, many enterprises have lost orders. In order to obtain the test reports, enterprises have to send them to other provinces for testing, which takes a long time and costs high. After the establishment of the testing center, it can provide inspection and testing, technology research and development, standard setting, talent training and other multi-directional services for automobile air conditioning related enterprises. It has successfully passed the evaluation and audit of cans, and the certificate has been recognized by more than 40 countries and regions, with more than 200 testing items. At present, the platform has become the third-party testing institution with the most testing projects, the widest testing range and the strongest professional ability in the automotive air conditioning industry in China.

Li Peng

Director of comprehensive performance test room of Zhejiang automotive air conditioning product quality inspection center

For example, if we are a laboratory, we also have testing needs. That is, we also have some samples for ourselves. After we have finished our own inspection, we have to send them out for inspection. If the cost of delivery is about 40000 yuan, we need to send two products and do two experiments. On our side, if an enterprise takes the same samples and the same job number, If you come to us to do it, it will only cost less than 3000 yuan. In the middle, it will cost 40000 to 3000 yuan. The time saved in the middle is not counted. We can provide it to Longquan within 5 days after we send out the samples and collect the samples and get the report. This is a saving in time and cost.

Yan Guohai

Senior engineer of Longquan Industrial Innovation Service Center

There are several standards drafted by our center in 2018 and 2019, or by our standard and local committee. The first is the standard for automobile air conditioner, evaporator, condenser, compressor, electric compressor and thermal expansion valve for automobile air conditioner, These four standards are the main drafting units, our marking committee or our center. These four standards are Zhejiang manufacturing standards. Later, from 2018, we applied for two industry standards for the automotive industry, two standards for evaporator and condenser. The formulation of the two industry standards of automobile air-conditioning evaporator and automobile air-conditioning condenser has increased the right to speak for our center or our marking Committee, and has initially achieved the goal of automobile air-conditioning manufacturing in Longquan, automobile air-conditioning testing in Longquan, and standard formulation in Longquan.

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Then, the local government vigorously promoted the construction of the innovation service complex of the automotive air conditioning industry, and made every effort to provide the automotive air conditioning industry with a "one-stop" service system integrating the industrial chain, innovation chain, service chain and capital chain. In the first half of 2020, the complex has been fully completed. Backed by the industrial innovation service complex, enterprises have more confidence and more energy to invest in industrial upgrading, truly realizing the good situation of "the government setting the stage, enterprises singing the opera", and the automobile air conditioning accessories industry accelerating the agglomeration and booming development.


Chairman of Zhejiang Jilisi Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd

With the help of Longquan science and Technology Bureau, we have established a school enterprise cooperation with xi'anjiaotonguniversity, trained a graduate base centered on factory students, hired Professor Liu and Professor Liu Yingwen of xi'anjiaotonguniversity as our company's technical director, led our company's technical team, and established a provincial R&D center in Zhejiang Province. This is one, and another. Before the establishment of the innovation technology platform, Our enterprise products and newly developed products in Longquan City are sent to other provinces and cities for testing, which has the advantages of long cycle, high cost and low efficiency. With this platform technology platform, our research and development of Longquan Temple has low cost and fast efficiency, and the testing items are closer to the standards of our industry, the needs of our enterprise and the needs of the industry.

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Build the phoenix nest and welcome the Golden Phoenix. While serving local enterprises well, Longquan also accelerated the progress of talent recruitment. His name is xiongshusheng. He is the deputy director of the vehicle Institute of the school of energy engineering, Zhejiang University. In 2009, Longquan invited xiongshusheng to be the leading expert of Longquan automotive air conditioning industry through the way of city school cooperation.

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In xiongshusheng's view, the automotive industry is a sunrise industry in China. How to keep pace with the development of the automotive industry and seize the opportunity in the market? He thinks Longquan has been doing well. After taking root in Longquan for 11 years, xiongshusheng was delighted to witness the rapid development of the local auto air conditioning accessories industry.


Deputy director of Vehicle Institute, School of energy engineering, Zhejiang University

When we first came to Longquan, the scale of the industry here was not so large. Many enterprises still produce in family workshops. After more than ten years of development, modern enterprises have been basically established. Then the most popular thing here was to build a testing center. After so many years of efforts, we have built an innovation platform for automotive air conditioning and an industrial innovation service complex for automotive air conditioning, Our current testing and R&D capability should be in the forefront in China. We have built the National Laboratory of cans for automotive air conditioners and the quality inspection center for automotive air conditioners in Zhejiang Province. Then our equipment conditions are very helpful for innovation and research and development here. The atmosphere here is particularly good, that is, our talents from colleges and universities can play a role when they come to Longquan. There is a place for us to use and a stage for entrepreneurship and innovation.

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For the high-quality development of the industry in the future, experts also gave their professional path reference: Based on the current good foundation, firmly grasp the strategic opportunity period of industrial development, seek breakthroughs in the field of automotive core technology, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the sound and rapid development of the industry. At the same time, keep up with the pace of national industrial development, constantly improve the level of automation, intelligence and digitization, and promote the improvement of efficiency and quality, so that Longquan will not only become a distribution center for the production and sales of automotive air conditioners, but also a distribution center for the research and development of new technologies and products of automotive air conditioners.


Secretary General of automotive air conditioning Committee of China Automotive Industry Association

I don't think it's easy for Longquan's automotive air conditioning industry to get to where it is today. Its scale, output and product coverage have all come up. Next, we must keep up with the development situation of automobiles and upgrade the industry. For example, our automobiles are now developing in the direction of electric vehicles and new energy vehicles instead of traditional fuel vehicles. For example, some of its sensors have done very well, and have grasped the transformation and upgrading, that is, from traditional automotive air conditioners to new energy heat pumps, many of their products have been developed in the application stage of automotive air conditioners, so I think this is a good sign.


Deputy director of Vehicle Institute, School of energy engineering, Zhejiang University

We want to build the industry Longquan automobile and air conditioning industry into three places. The first place is China's automobile air conditioning manufacturing base, the second place is the distribution center of the world's automobile air conditioning products, and the third place is the research and development highland of the thermal system of new energy vehicles, creating the world's automobile air conditioning capital, and then achieving the grand goal of the world's single event champion of automobile air conditioning. We have been working hard.

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In the future, Longquan will take the opportunity of the creation of Zhejiang Longquan automotive air conditioning industry innovation service complex to help Longquan's leading industries and characteristic industries achieve high-quality green development, strive to be an important window of technological innovation in the marginal regions of Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi, and make unremitting efforts to build China's automotive air conditioning intelligent manufacturing base, a new energy automotive air conditioning research and development highland, and an international automotive air conditioning product distribution center.

In the past, the development of domestic automotive air conditioning industry has been following the development of large foreign enterprises. Now, it has gradually moved towards a new situation of independent innovation. We believe that Longquan automotive air conditioning accessories industry will have a bright future in the upsurge of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation".