Two enterprises in Longquan City have been selected as the fifth batch of "Little Giant" enterprises in Zhejiang Province



On July 14th, the Department of Economy and Information Technology of Zhejiang Province announced the list of the fifth batch of specialized, refined, and new "little giant" enterprises in Zhejiang Province and the second batch of specialized, refined, and new "little giant" enterprises that have passed the review. Two enterprises, Zhejiang Chuangxin AUTO AIR Conditioner Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Yili Automobile Air Conditioning Co., Ltd., were selected.

In recent years, Longquan City has focused on cultivating high-quality enterprises, established a specialized and innovative enterprise cultivation library, and made every effort to cultivate small and medium-sized enterprises with strong innovation capabilities in products, technology, management, models, and other aspects, focusing on segmented markets and good growth potential. The "one enterprise, one member" resident service mechanism has been implemented to guide enterprises to follow the path of specialized, refined, innovative and innovative development with better enterprise service support, continuously improving their innovation capabilities and professional level. As of now, there are a total of 5 specialized, refined, and innovative "Little Giants" in Longquan City. In the next step, our city will continue to optimize services, strengthen guidance, deepen problem solving, cultivate a batch of high-quality enterprises located in the core areas of industrial foundation and key links of the industrial chain, with outstanding innovation ability, mastery of core technology, high market share in segmentation, and good quality and efficiency, and help write a Chinese path to modernization quality Longquan.