Zhejiang chuangxin: Why hasn't orders decreased but increased in the past three years?



In January 2023, the Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee proposed to implement the "Sweet Potato Economy" and upgrade the "No.1 Open Project" to create a more resilient, dynamic, and competitive "Sweet Potato Economy".

Zhejiang Chuangxin Auto Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd.

Rooted in Longquan

Sales network spread nationwide and globally

Like the vines of sweet potatoes

Attracting orders from all over the world to Longquan

Make the root of Longquan sweet potato bigger and stronger

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The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, manufacturing, sales, and service of automotive air conditioning systems and their accessories. Its core products include functional products such as automotive air conditioning evaporators and condensers.

Comprehensive improvement of hardware and software for internal strong rhizomes

Sweet potatoes have both rhizomes and vines. Sweet potato roots and stems need to be strong in order for vines to grow healthier and extend further. Innovative companies continue to make efforts in technology research and development, and enhance production capacity, laying a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the enterprise.

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"The company is named 'Innovation', hoping that the enterprise can innovate and continuously develop in every aspect of product research and development, design, production, sales, and service, and strive to be first-class in the industry." said Xiang Xiancheng, Assistant General Manager of Zhejiang Chuangxin Auto Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd.

In 2011, the innovation company established a provincial-level research and development center for high-tech enterprises; In 2014, Zhejiang Enterprise Research Institute was established. The series of products studied by the research institute have been registered as provincial-level scientific and technological achievements, and some have also been recognized as national torch program projects, demonstrating the significant technological advantages of enterprise products. They have obtained more than 30 authorized patents.

Now, there are 30 technology and experimental personnel directly engaged in research and development in the innovation company. They play the role of pioneers in the development process of new products, technologies, and processes, and are the decisive factor in the company's technological innovation and development work.

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"In order to improve the overall production capacity in 2023 and address bottleneck processes, we purchased a large number of automation equipment in 2022, and allocated automation and electromechanical professionals to their positions." Xiang Xiancheng said. The innovative company has invested over 5 million yuan annually for several consecutive years, introducing modern automatic equipment, replacing old equipment, improving production processes, and enhancing product quality.

Outreach Vine Sales Network Across the World

Vines extend farther and grow better, bringing more nutrients, and sweet potatoes become bigger and better. This is particularly important for the development of enterprises, especially foreign trade enterprises.

Zhejiang Chuangxin Auto Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd. is an automotive parts enterprise mainly engaged in foreign trade, with foreign trade sales revenue accounting for over 85% of the company's sales revenue. In the past three years of the epidemic, while other foreign trade enterprises have been worrying about orders, the orders of Innovation Company are still sufficient, and the production line is still running smoothly.

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This completely depends on the innovation company having an independent sales network overseas. At present, innovative companies in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America and other regions have their own sales outlets, and their products are also favored by markets in various countries and regions, with a continuous flow of orders.

"The impact of the epidemic in recent years has not led to a decrease in our output value, but rather an increase," said Lin Youbin, Deputy General Manager of Zhejiang Zhejiang Chuangxin Auto Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd. Currently, the company's business is mainly concentrated in Southeast Asia, South America, and other regions. The next step is to expand to Europe and North America.

Next, while strengthening and optimizing existing products, the company will also enter the new energy vehicle market and expand new economic growth points. Continuously increasing investment in research and development of new energy products, actively seizing market opportunities, and opening up new sales networks nationwide and even globally.

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In recent years, Longquan has focused on promoting the reconstruction of various government administrative processes, reform of intermediary institutions, and optimization of administrative law enforcement. It has launched a series of highly valuable, targeted, and operational policy documents, creating a high-quality business environment with few obstacles, high efficiency, and good service. It has sent real gold and silver to enterprises, effectively enhancing market confidence and stimulating market vitality, Assist enterprises in accelerating their development path.