Notice of the People's Government of Longquan City on the Announcement of Major Taxpayers for 2020



To the people's governments of various townships, street offices, and units directly under the municipal government:

Based on the tax payment situation in 2020, the following taxpayers have been identified as major taxpayers in 2020 and are hereby announced.

Big taxpayer

1. Deguang Group

2. Zhejiang Qinglong Group

3. Longquan Dingfeng Hotel Co., Ltd

4. Zhejiang Longquan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd

5. Nantian Group

6. Longquan Yukuang Co., Ltd

7. Longquan Branch of Lishui Tobacco Company

8. Longquan Yongda Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

9. Zhejiang Huabao Real Estate Group

10. Zhejiang Longdu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd

11. Longquan Wangou Cultural Development Co., Ltd

12. Zhejiang Guoguang Construction Engineering Co., Ltd

13. Zhejiang Yinlong Stainless Steel Co., Ltd

14. Zhejiang Guangyuan Construction Group Co., Ltd

15. Mitsuda Group

16. Longquan Zhejiang Agriculture Meilin Real Estate Co., Ltd

17. Longquan Pharmaceutical Asset Management Co., Ltd

18. Longquan Zhejiang Southwest Commercial Logistics Market Development Co., Ltd

19. Zhejiang Nengfu Tourism Supplies Co., Ltd

20. Zhejiang Qianshu Home Furnishings Co., Ltd

Industrial taxpayer

1. Longquan Yukuang Co., Ltd

2. Zhejiang Yinlong Stainless Steel Co., Ltd

3. Zhejiang Nengfu Tourism Supplies Co., Ltd

4. Zhejiang Qianshu Home Furnishings Co., Ltd

5. Zhejiang Yili Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd

6. Zhejiang Hengxiang Toys Co., Ltd

7. Longquan Hydropower Station

8. Longquan Ruiyang Secondary Hydropower Station Co., Ltd

9. Zhejiang Chuangxin AUTO AIR Conditioner Co., Ltd

10. Zhejiang Xinjin Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd

11. Zhejiang Santian Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor Co., Ltd

12. Zhejiang Mingfeng Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd

13. Zhejiang Jiahe Mining Group Co., Ltd

14. Zhejiang Lantong Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd

15. Zhejiang Nanming Mining Co., Ltd

16. Longquan Changhong Porcelain Industry Co., Ltd

17. Longquan Longyang Mining Co., Ltd

18. Longquan Wuxin Concrete Technology Co., Ltd

19. Zhejiang Santian Filter Co., Ltd

20. Zhejiang Youni Steel Industry Co., Ltd

3、 Service industry taxpayer

1. Longquan Long Distance Bus Transport Company

2. Zhejiang Haite Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

3. Dongsheng Standard Factory Operation and Management Co., Ltd. in Longquan City, Zhejiang Province

4. Longquan International Hotel Co., Ltd

5. Longquan Zhongxin Tourism Group Co., Ltd

Longquan Municipal People's Government

March 4, 2021