In order to promote the high quality leap-forward development, Longquan has set off a boom of "double move and double lead"



A total of 19 "Double recruitment and double introduction" projects were signed on the spot, 3 "Double recruitment and double Introduction" liaison stations in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou were awarded and established, and 10 ambassadors were appointed...... February 27, Longquan held the three-level cadre conference, high-level layout of the "double recruitment and double introduction" work, sounded the first hammer of the "No. 1 project".

Attracting investment and talents is a strategic pilot project related to the future development of Longquan. Standing at the new starting point of the "14th Five-Year Plan", Longquan anchors the main direction of attack, integrates strong synergy, highlights the idea that the project is king, does the best stock, large increment, in order to promote the high quality leap-forward development of strong momentum, increase the momentum.

"We will work together with the government to attract investment." At the meeting, Zhuang Xiaofeng, president of Guangzhou Longquan Chamber of Commerce, took over the heavy contact station brand. He said excitedly that the next step is to establish a strong cooperation model with the government, set up a professional recruiting team, publicize the policy of attracting talent, receive good project consultation and investigation tasks, build a "bridgehead" for foreign exchange and cooperation in Longquan, and constantly expand Longquan's "circle of friends".

Zhejiang Innovation Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. is the leading enterprise of automotive air conditioning parts in Longquan. Ye Weifeng, chairman of Zhejiang Innovation Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. and nine other outstanding entrepreneurs in various industries were appointed as the first batch of "Ambassadors for Attracting Talents" in Longquan. As for how to play the role of ambassador, Ye Weifeng confidently said that he would make use of the advantages of business investment, through upstream and downstream partners, business friends and various exhibitions and activities, collect information on investment projects through multiple channels, matchmaking and matchmaking of industrial transformation and upgrading projects that meet the needs of local high-quality development.

There are no outsiders in "two moves and two leads". It is understood that at present, Longquan Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government has established the city's "a chess" "double recruitment double introduction" work leading group, the party and government "No.1" to take charge personally, personally, take the lead in attracting projects, leading projects, leading service projects. At the same time, it will take the "double recruitment and double introduction" as a big stage to train cadres, establish a "competitive selection and transfer" mechanism for attracting investment cadres, build more than 60 core teams, and constantly send capable forces to attract talents, outstanding cadres to compete for projects and capital, and deepen the mechanism reform to attract investment and wisdom.

"' Double recruitment and double introduction 'means both recruiting projects and bringing in talents." The relevant person in charge of Longquan Municipal Party Committee introduced that the city should set off the boom of "double recruitment and double introduction", put it in the core position of the overall work as a strategic pilot project, promote it with extraordinary determination, strength and kung fu, and accurately answer the four questions of "what to recruit", "where to recruit", "who to recruit" and "how to recruit".

It is understood that next, Longquan will also issue the implementation opinions of "double recruitment and double introduction", systematically establish the whole chain mechanism of "building chain and reinforcing chain and strengthening chain", comprehensively break down the 38 work tasks of 2021's attracting action, important measures and job security, and increase the proportion of annual comprehensive assessment and reward of "double recruitment and double introduction", and reward and re-use cadres with outstanding achievements. For those who fail to promote, they will not be evaluated or promoted, but will be notified, interviewed and replaced, forcing leading officials to create a "double recruitment and double introduction" ecology for enterprises and talents with "the most considerate policies, the most warm services and the most comfortable environment".