Intensive policies have been introduced to attract financial , and Longquan is fighting bravely for the economy!



The 15th Party Congress of Longquan City proposed to take optimizing the business environment as the "lifeline" to lead the leapfrog and high-quality development of Longquan.

In recent years

Longquan cares for the business environment like a celadon sword

Protecting the Business Environment Like Protecting Green Waters and Green Mountains

Various government departments and financial institutions

Continuously improving service work

Boosting high-quality economic development

Intensive release of various support policies

Enterprises have a greater sense of gain


The first batch of industrial support policy funds for Longquan in 2023


A total of 31.46 million yuan, benefiting 203 enterprises

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In order to promote high-quality and green development of ecological industries, Longquan City has issued various supportive policies intensively since last year, optimizing and adjusting the policies to further support innovative development of enterprises and make them more sense of gain.

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Zhejiang Chuangxin Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd

Awarded as the "Invisible Champion" Enterprise of Zhejiang Province in 2022

Its company's products

Seismic, lightweight, and efficient automotive air conditioning condensers

Rated as the "Zhejiang Manufacturing Boutique" in 2022

Lin Youbin, relevant person in charge of Zhejiang Innovation Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd.

These honors are all rewarded, and so far we have subsidized over one million yuan. This year, our company is preparing to expand its scale, increase investment in technology research and equipment, and this funding has come in a timely manner.

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△ Anti seismic lightweight and efficient automotive air conditioning condenser

Speaking of the changes in the business environment in Longquan in recent years, Lin Youbin stated that Longquan's policies have given great support to enterprises. Last year, the company invested more than 10 million yuan in mechanical equipment, and the government subsidized more than 6 million yuan to enterprises. The staff of the Business Bureau often remind us in WeChat groups to apply for projects and receive government funding subsidies. They are very dedicated and must praise the government's service attitude, "he said.

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High gold content and strong targeting

Various market entities for precision drip irrigation

In recent years, Longquan City has successively introduced a series of highly valuable and targeted "policy gift packages" to meet the needs and industrial demands of enterprises, focusing on optimizing the government environment, building a legal business environment, relieving difficulties, reducing burdens, stabilizing enterprises, establishing enterprise service mechanisms, and promoting the growth and development of entrepreneurs. These packages ensure that various policies accurately drip into various market entities, forming a full life cycle policy guarantee.

Currently, 65 policies and systems have been introduced to optimize the business environment. From the perspective of policy functions:

15 copies of mechanism innovation

20 copies of service specifications

9 action plans

15 industrial support categories

6 copies for solving specific problems

According to statistics, in 2022, the Longquan Economic and Commercial Bureau fulfilled nearly 100 million yuan of policy funds, benefiting 432 enterprises. As of now in 2023, a total of 31.46 million yuan in policy funds have been realized, benefiting 203 households. Covering industries, foreign trade, commerce and other fields.

Visiting enterprises to solve difficult problems

Enterprises feel more secure

Zhejiang Longxin Chemical Co., Ltd

There have been issues with funding guarantees in the near future

Possible impact on corporate credit reporting in the future

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△ Longquan Financial Development Center and bank staff understand the production and operation situation of the enterprise.

After receiving the request from the enterprise, the Longquan Financial Development Center immediately coordinated and helped the enterprise solve practical difficulties as quickly as possible. Thank you very much to the Financial Development Center and Rongdan Company for properly handling the risk of the company's original guarantee chain and solving our urgent need! "Said Wu Jianwen, the company's general manager.

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In recent years

The financial sector continues to use financial "living water"

Water and quench thirst for enterprises

Wu Jianwen has some feelings about this

In 2022, Longxin Chemical wanted to increase investment in technological transformation, but due to the large amount of guarantees provided to the concerned loan holders, the enterprise had not added any new loans for 7 years. With the assistance of the financial department, it ultimately obtained loans of 4.8 million yuan from Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and 4 million yuan from Mintai Village Bank, successfully breaking the financial difficulties of the enterprise

Do a good job in service work

Making Enterprises Go Light

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When we heard that Longxin Chemical has financial problems, we were the first to communicate with Longxin Chemical and banking financial institutions to help them solve the needs of the enterprise. "The relevant person in charge of Longquan Financial Development Center stated that as a financial development center, finance is the" blood "of the enterprise, and it is even more important to do a good job in enterprise service work, so that the enterprise can go forward with ease, in order to make the enterprise bigger and stronger, Add bricks and tiles to the industrial development of Longquan City, and add strength.

Financial stability and economic stability. Financial activity, economic activity. All along, the Longquan Financial Development Center has continuously visited enterprises, provided good services, and jointly issued a package of "big gift packages" for financial assistance to enterprises, promoting the implementation of various financial policies to alleviate difficulties. Since 2022, a total of over 200 visits have been made to enterprises, sorting out over 160 urgent and urgent issues, and addressing over 120 demands.

Improving service quality and efficiency

Enterprises have a greater sense of happiness


Speaking of receiving it not long ago

Longquan Rural Commercial Bank's 1 million yuan small and micro quick loan loan

Xu Yueyang, Principal of Shengjiu Crafts Co., Ltd

Continuous praise

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Great, I recently purchased a new factory building and there is a shortage of funds. This loan of 1 million yuan is coming at a great time, "Xu Yueyang said. The program went quickly and the loan was quickly received. With this money, we can purchase better equipment and expand production scale.

Doing well in addition and subtraction

Financing loans are more convenient

In Longquan

Examples of how this helps businesses

There are still many more

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△ Staff from the Longquan Supervision Group of Longquan Rural Commercial Bank and Lishui Bank Insurance Regulatory Branch enter enterprises and inquire about their needs

Since 2022, Longquan Rural Commercial Bank has been doing "addition" in credit extension, allowing enterprises to obtain more. Vigorously promote financial products such as small and micro quick loans and small and micro E loans, continue to promote the service mechanism of "one park, one bank, one consultant", provide "full, convenient, and cheap" financial services for small and micro enterprises and individual businesses, and effectively fulfill the responsibilities of the park's "main partner bank" and "financial advisor". On the other hand, by subtracting financing costs, companies can spend less. Fully promote "Longxinbao" non repayment loan renewal services, providing customers with low-cost and efficient non repayment loan renewal services.

Since 2023, as of now

Only Longquan Rural Commercial Bank

Provide a credit line of 2.251 billion yuan for manufacturing loans

Providing 565 million yuan in corporate relief loans such as small and micro E loans and small and micro fast loans

Distributed loans of 351 million yuan to 105 new generation entrepreneurs in the city

In addition, in the past two years, under the guidance of departments such as the Longquan Financial Development Center, China Construction Bank Longquan Branch, Bank of China Longquan Branch, and other financial institutions have also introduced low interest loan policies targeting small and micro enterprises, individual businesses, and other businesses in the city. They have actively contacted enterprises to provide one-stop financing services, in order to alleviate the impact of market downturn on enterprises and optimize the business environment, Promote the healthy development of the city's economy.

Finance is an important force in optimizing the business environment

It is the spring breeze and rain dew of high-quality development of the real economy

Next, Longquan will continue

Promote comprehensive improvement of financial services

Better support and service

Real economic development in the city

Continuously creating a better business environment