Lishui Explores Transformation to Achieve Efficient Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements



Thanks to the 'first use, then transfer' model of school enterprise cooperation, our company has obtained a 2-year free trial period for two achievements, Wenzhou University and Zhejiang Normal University. Technology achievements worth over 3 million yuan can be 'tried first, then paid for', "said the relevant person in charge of Zhejiang Innovation Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. happily. Since becoming the only prefecture level city in the province to pilot the reform of "transfer payment" for scientific and technological achievements last year, Lishui has actively explored a new model of "Zheli transfer". In the past year, the research and development expenses of industrial enterprises above designated size in the city have reached 6.247 billion yuan, an increase of 15.9% year-on-year; The growth rate of investment in high-tech industries is 52.6%, ranking second in the province; Realize 20.67 billion yuan in added value of high-tech industries.


As Lishui, where all counties and cities in the province belong to 26 mountainous counties, there has always been a problem of poor matching and low conversion rate of scientific and technological achievements. How to bridge the technology gap in mountainous areas and create a path of talent and technology development for a strong city? Since last year, Lishui has seized the opportunity of pilot cities for the "transfer payment" reform of scientific and technological achievements, and issued the "Three Year Action Plan to Accelerate the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements and Promote High Quality Industrial Development". Through the "Zheli Transfer" model, it has compiled four lists of enterprise technology needs, matching of scientific and technological achievements, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and talent introduction, promoting the development of universities and colleges Developed regions have introduced their scientific and technological achievements resources into mountainous areas through a "free trial and paid conversion" approach, forming a new model of scientific and technological achievements transformation with Lishui characteristics. As of now, the city has reached 86 cooperation agreements through this model, including 5 signed patent transfer contracts, 76 signed free trial contracts, and 5 formed cooperation intentions.

Jinyun won back the provincial "Technology Innovation Cauldron" last year, which cannot be separated from the "transfer payment" mechanism for technological achievements. Since last year, the local focus has been on the three leading industries of modern equipment, healthcare, and smart home. Relying on the carriers of universities such as Zhejiang Tsinghua Yangtze River Delta Research Institute and Zhejiang University, more than 50 professors and experts have been organized to conduct in-depth visits and research in enterprise workshops. A total of more than 100 technical problems and needs of enterprises have been collected. Currently, 23 technological achievements have been licensed for free To achieve transfer and transformation in mountainous areas through the form of "first use, then transfer" or low-priced licensing.


For a long time, high patent prices, difficult cooperation negotiations, and insufficient confidence in scientific and technological achievements have been one of the difficulties hindering the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. However, through the 'first use, then transfer' model, our company has obtained the use rights of five invention patents, including 'multi nozzle injectors and hydrogen fuel cell systems suitable for hydrogen fuel cell systems', from Professor Wang Lei's team at Shandong University, greatly improving the company's independent innovation ability The relevant person in charge of Zhejiang Hydrogen Yang Battery Co., Ltd. introduced that it was the first time to try "use before transfer". It took only over half a month from negotiation to signing the agreement, simplifying the process, accelerating efficiency, and also strengthening the cooperation confidence between enterprises and universities.

Longquan also benefits from the situation where local small and medium-sized enterprises are unable to find resources and use their achievements to a certain extent. With the help of the "transfer payment" mechanism, Longquan has organized teams from Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology, and other universities to visit more than 100 enterprises in five rounds since last year, sorted out 68 industrial technology needs, matched 29 scientific and technological achievements, and successfully signed contracts for 9 "use before transfer" achievements.

The 'transfer payment' reform of scientific and technological achievements has lowered the cooperation threshold for enterprises and can fully leverage the role of small and medium-sized enterprises as innovative entities. For universities, it is conducive to breaking the situation of scientific and technological achievements being shelved and promoting deeper cooperation between more universities and small and medium-sized enterprises. "The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau introduced.

In addition, while improving the level of service for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, Lishui has also initiated the establishment of a municipal innovation consortium and achievement transformation accelerator. Led by major tasks of tackling key core technologies and led by advantageous enterprises, universities, or research institutes with outstanding innovation capabilities, innovation carriers have been established to promote deep integration of the innovation chain industry chain. Currently, the city has established 12 innovation carriers, including the Metal Products Industry Achievement Transformation Accelerator and the Intelligent Control Valve Gate Industry Innovation Consortium.