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With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the demand for automotive air conditioning has increased. According to data from the research institute, the size of China's automotive air conditioning market was 18.2 billion yuan in 2015, a year-on-year increase of 13.75%, and the annual compound growth rate from 2011 to 2015 was 13.94%; It is estimated that the scale of China's automotive air conditioning market will reach 30 billion yuan by 2020, and the market prospects are immeasurable.

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Prediction of China's Automobile Air Conditioning Production and Market Size from 2011 to 2020

As a manufacturing base for automotive air conditioning parts, Longquan City in Zhejiang Province has achieved a leapfrog development from the low-end maintenance market to the mid to high end supporting market through the implementation of technological innovation, "machine replacement", and management improvement for many years. The industry has transformed into a complete, integrated, and technology-based direction, relying on the core key technologies of automotive air conditioning, industrial supporting capabilities, and intensive industry division of labor, which has become a pillar industry in the local area, Drive regional economic growth.

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Zhejiang Longquan Automobile Air Conditioning Parts Manufacturing Base

While vigorously developing basic industries, innovating technology, and enhancing our solid quality, we need to be committed to exploring product promotion and business channels, enhancing brand awareness, and letting more people understand our corporate culture and product technology characteristics. After 17 years of comprehensive development, Shanghai Automotive Air Conditioning Exhibition has rich exhibition resources and a solid audience base. As one of the main exhibits of the exhibition, automotive air conditioning parts are highly compatible with the business of local enterprises in Longquan. With the annual expansion of the exhibition scale, they have become a more efficient platform for cooperation and exchange today.

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The association has cooperated with the Shanghai Automotive Air Conditioning Exhibition for many years and has formed a strong exhibition group effect. With the goal of promoting products abroad, the association has expanded overseas promotion channels on the basis of consolidating the domestic market, driving further growth of brands and economy in the Longquan area. Up to now, a total of 48 outstanding enterprise representatives have signed up to participate in the Shanghai Automotive Air Conditioning Exhibition, led by Zhejiang Santian, Innovation, Songxin, Lantong, Bowei, Kailida, Kelith, Baojiali, Xinjin, Yili, and others. The exhibition will showcase the manufacturing level of automotive air conditioning at this year's exhibition site, showcasing "Longquan Precision".

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Referring to years of cooperation with exhibitions, Secretary General Ye Biwen of the Association stated that through the Shanghai Automotive Air Conditioning Exhibition, a platform that embodies the market, excellent local enterprises are actively organized to participate in exhibitions every year, in order to better promote the local culture and brand effect of Longquan and expand business development at home and abroad. Both sides will actively implement publicity and promotion work, fully support the automotive air conditioning exhibition held at the Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center from November 13th to 15th this year, and work together to promote the high-quality development of the domestic automotive air conditioning industry.

Some participating companies

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Zhejiang Santian Automotive Air Conditioning Compressor Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, and technical consulting services of automotive air conditioning compressors. By introducing advanced compressor technology and production lines from the original Huada Jack Ser, precision machining of main components is carried out using CNC lathes and machining centers, and automated production lines are used as assembly products. A research and development center and production base are established in the Santian Industrial Park of Longquan Industrial Park, Zhejiang.

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Established in 2002, Zhejiang Chuangxin AUTO AIR Conditioner Co., Ltd. has an internationally advanced complete set of automotive air conditioning production lines, specializing in the production of parallel flow condensers, strip condensers, stacked evaporators, double-layer parallel flow evaporators and other products for automotive air conditioning. The company mainly exports to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and other countries, and sells well in major cities in China.

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Zhejiang Songxin Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. was founded in 1999 and is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of automotive air conditioning products such as condensers and evaporators. The company covers an area of more than 60 acres and has more than 200 employees. It has established provincial-level laboratories and enterprise research institutes, and owns one famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, six national registered trademarks, and more than 20 invention patents and utility model patents.

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Zhejiang Lantong Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd. has a construction area of over 40000 square meters and can produce various models and specifications of stacked evaporators, parallel flow evaporators, tube and strip evaporators, parallel flow condensers, tube and strip condensers, automotive air conditioning pipe joints, pipeline assemblies, and other products according to user needs. At present, the car air conditioning condensers and evaporators produced by the company are suitable for European and American car series, Japanese and Korean car series, domestic car series, and engineering machinery.

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Zhejiang Bowei Automotive Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990 and is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, and sales of automotive air conditioning accessories. The car air conditioning accessories produced by the company have exquisite craftsmanship and reliable quality. They use advanced foreign expansion valve microcomputer testing equipment, processing centers, and CNC processing equipment, and comply with the technical standards of developed countries such as the United States and Japan for car air conditioning.

Longquan Automotive Air Conditioning Parts Manufacturing Base