Hit a brand campaign of Longquan air conditioning steam match industry in 2013



Longquan news network news (trainee reporter Ye Weiting) "ten struggles for development, ten struggles final results, in 2013, Longquan air conditioning and auto parts industry has already had the condition to fight a brand battle." Ye Weifeng, President of the executive vice president of the City Enterprise Federation and the president of the city air conditioning Auto Industry Association, said.

Our city auto parts industry association of air conditioning has been established for ten years, the industry only 20 from the initial several family workshops and small factories, development to the industrial cluster of more than 200 companies today, China (air conditioning) the only car parts manufacturing base; industry total output value of less than 200 million yuan to 2012 annual output value of about 6000000000 yuan; from in the city industry not ranked on the number up to now become the largest industry in our city.

Ye Weifeng's idea of the future of the industry is from the experience of his own business. In 2012, through meticulous management, the circulation rate of products of Zhejiang innovation automotive air conditioning company increased by 40%, the replacement efficiency of fixture and fixture increased by 30%, the defective rate of products was reduced by 30%, and the production cost was reduced by 10%. It is really a profit for the enterprise. This group of data has inspired Ye Weifeng. The improvement of product quality means laying a solid foundation for building brand reputation, and the time to start the brand of Longquan air conditioning and auto parts is ripe.

It is a good way to improve the popularity of the exhibition. In November 2012, the city's 62 air conditioning auto parts enterprises to participate in the tenth session of the Shanghai Gehua international automobile air conditioning and refrigeration technology exhibition, is the only government organized local industries all exhibitors, in one fell swoop back orders of about 230 million yuan. In 2013, the plan Industry Association recommend some medium-sized enterprises to go abroad to the exhibition, while still delegation to participate in the three major domestic industry fairs, Neiwaijianxiu, casting brand.

In 2011, the industry was awarded the "Zhejiang air conditioner brand brand base" by the Zhejiang provincial industrial and commercial administration bureau and the Zhejiang Provincial Trademark Association. In 2013, the industry association is preparing to apply for the registration trade trademark, which lays the foundation for the industry brand.

Ye Weifeng said, the auto industry will implement the dry air conditioning conference spirit, further emancipate their minds, update ideas, increase investment, accelerate the development of the enterprises bigger and stronger, for the global market to enhance regional visibility, for the early realization of the industry total output value of 10 billion yuan target efforts.