Unswervingly promote the high-quality development of ecological industry



On the morning of July 24, the city's ecological industry high-quality development conference was held. Wang Shunfa, vice chairman of the Lishui CPPCC and secretary of the Longquan Municipal Party Committee, attended and delivered a speech, and Wu Songping, deputy secretary of the Longquan Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, presided over. Longquan city leaders Ye Shixuanxian and Liu Chibo attended the meeting.

Wang Shunfa emphasized that we must adhere to the development strategy of a strong industrial city. Industry is the root of a city, the foundation of a strong city, and the foundation of a strong city. It is necessary to deeply realize that without industrialization, there will be no urbanization. Industrialization is an insurmountable stage of modernization. Eco-industry will be prosperous, and ecological industry will be strong. The whole city must unswervingly implement the development strategy of a strong industrial city, persevere in advancing the new-type industrialization, take accelerating the development of ecological industry as the main starting point, face the gap, catch up, and build a modern ecological economic system with unique competitiveness at a higher level. To build a beautiful and happy Longquan in the new era with high quality, to create a regional center city in the marginal regions of Zhejiang, Fujian, and Jiangxi, and strive to show greater responsibility for Longquan and make more contributions to Longquan in the new development pattern of "One Belt, Three Districts".

Wang Shunfa emphasized that the direction of high-quality green development must be anchored. It is necessary to persist in the lack of internal strength and supplement the external strength, and continue to strengthen Wenhai to leverage its kinetic energy. Grasp all development opportunities and policy opportunities, actively integrate into the overall development situation, strengthen the introduction of foreign investment, innovate the ways and methods of joint construction and governance and sharing of platforms, and jointly create more various "enclaves." Integrate "Wenhai Leverage" and "Innovation Leading" organically, comprehensively strengthen opening up, continue to deepen city-school cooperation, concentrate on strengthening key technical difficulties, and build Longquan into a "strong magnetic field" for attracting high-end talents and technological innovation The "gathering place" of resources and the "transformation place" of important scientific and technological achievements. We will comprehensively increase the intensity of industrial investment promotion, lead the industry investment promotion with the concept of cluster thinking, draw the investment promotion map scientifically with precision requirements, and promote the development and leapfrogging of large projects and good projects. We must persist in sluggish external demand and supplement domestic demand, and build a new domestic and international dual-cycle pattern. Strive to stabilize the basic foreign trade. Focus on industries such as automobile air-conditioning and bamboo and wood products, actively cultivate market players, expand export-oriented enterprises, actively guide enterprises to deepen the traditional offline exhibition market, explore cloud exhibitions to build online trade channels, stabilize traditional markets, and develop emerging markets . Fight for the initiative to seize the domestic market. Based on the domestic cycle, adhere to quality first, brand first, deepen the promotion of quality reforms, efficiency reforms, and power reforms, turning industrial changes into opportunities for forced upgrades, market development, and corner overtaking opportunities, and promote eco-industrial economic growth Greater progress has been made in quality and green development. It is necessary to persist in the accumulation of insufficient energy levels and fully launch the platform "second entrepreneurship". Strengthen the city’s development thinking of “one game of chess”, focus on the three goals of “layout reconstruction, scale reorganization, and factor reorganization”, closely follow the cross policy of “integration, transformation, empowerment, opening, and restructuring”, and fully launch the platform “second entrepreneurship” ”, further optimize and upgrade the development platform of “centered on economic development zones, supported by relevant township industrial function zones, and supplemented by small and micro enterprise parks”, and initiated the implementation of the eastward expansion of the platform of Zhejiang Longquan Economic Development Zone. Vigorously carry out the renovation of "low scattered" enterprises, the transformation and upgrading of low-yield and low-efficiency enterprises, and the in-depth implementation of the "Heroes per acre" reform to promote the optimal allocation of regional resource elements and the development of industrial clusters.

Wang Shunfa emphasized that it is necessary to focus on giving full play to the role of entrepreneurs and not relax. The majority of enterprises and entrepreneurs are the backbone of the development of Longquan's ecological industry. The revitalization of Longquan's industrial economy will ultimately be achieved through a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs. Hope that the majority of entrepreneurs will stick to the industry, strengthen their main business, seize opportunities, seize the market, cultivate their souls, concentrate on their efforts, study diligently, improve quality, take the initiative to take responsibility, give back to the society, and continue to play well in the development of ecological industry. The main force of the company, with practical actions to show the image and style of Longquan entrepreneurs in the new era. The municipal party committee and government will continue to care and support the development of enterprises and entrepreneurs, further optimize the business environment, and a strong atmosphere of respect for business, so that the majority of entrepreneurs have status in society, political honors, and development.

Wang Shunfa emphasized that we must work hard to support and strengthen the workforce. In the face of the unprecedented impact of the epidemic, the efforts to support and strengthen workers can only be strengthened, and must not be weakened. The leaders of the four groups of Longquan City should practice the "first-line work method", and go to contact enterprises to send policies, solve problems, support enterprise growth, and serve industrial development. The economic development zone should release the vitality of the platform's "secondary entrepreneurship" through the reform of the system and mechanism, and make every effort to build a large park, develop a large industry, build a large enterprise, and achieve a big leap. All towns (sub-districts) should focus their work and focus their efforts on industry and economy, promote the implementation of projects, inventory, and accountability, and strive to grab time and make up for losses. All relevant departments must continue to deepen the "three services" activities, and escort the development of the industrial economy with the best services, best policies, and strongest feelings.

The conference announced the list of the 2019 Eco-Industry Hall of Fame, and held an award ceremony. The Economic and Commercial Bureau, Guojing Pharmaceutical, one district and four parks, key industry-related departments, the financial industry, various industry associations, 2019 top ten industrial enterprises, foreign trade companies Representatives, representatives of technology-based companies, e-commerce companies, and small promotion and cultivation companies made exchange speeches.