Briefly describe several evaporator maintenance methods



1, often carry out leakage detection work of evaporator. Leakage is a common fault phenomenon of evaporator, and it should be detected frequently in the process of use.

Ammonia evaporator leakage, there is a pungent smell, leakage point does not frost. The leakage can be checked by phenolphthalein test paper, because ammonia is alkaline and the phenolphthalein test paper turns red. With the eye, generally in the evaporator at a place where there is no frost is usually the leak point, can also be found in the leak with soapy water.

Freon evaporator leaks can be checked by halogen lamp and halogen leak detector, or can be found with soapy water. When checking, you can use your eyes to check whether there is oil trace on the evaporation exhaust pipe, because freon and oil can be intersoluble, freon leakage, oil will also leak from the leak point, so where there is oil trace, where the leak. When the halogen lamp is used for leak detection, if there is a freon leak somewhere, the flame of the halogen lamp burning will change from blue to slightly green, light green, grass green, purple green, purple and other colors to determine the amount of freon leak. If the flame is dark green or purple, the phosgene in the flame is toxic and cannot be checked in this way for a long time. In this case, the leak can be checked with soapy water. Halogen leak detector should be used for small leakage.

2. Check the frosting condition of the evaporator often. When the frost layer is too thick, it should be defrosted in time. When the frost is abnormal, it may be caused by blockage, and the cause should be found and eliminated in time.

3. When the evaporator is out of service for a long time, the refrigerant should be pushed into the liquid reservoir or condenser, so that the pressure of the evaporator is maintained at about 0.05MPa(gauge pressure). If it is the evaporator in the salt pool, it also needs to be rinsed with tap water, and filled with tap water in the pool after rinsing.